Beating the Heat No Matter How Much it Rises

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Temperatures are rising across the country according to a recent climate report; in fact, last year’s national average for July hit a 123-year high. While the median temperature for that month was a fairly mild 75.7 degrees, certain areas soar well beyond the comfort zone. Willis Carrier’s ground-breaking solution for beating the heat has been on the market for more than a century now, but it’s still, quite literally, generating a buzz.

Types of Air Conditioning

As far as concept, mechanical operation and noise levels go, air conditioning hasn’t really changed much over the years. Despite the similarities, the number of available options have branched out considerably.

  • Central Air: Central air conditioning is one of the most common options in use today. This member of the residential cooling community consists of an outdoor unit filled with all the components necessary to pull warm, moist air out of the home; take out the moisture; reduce its temperature and send more comfortable air back indoors. It does its duty through a system of duct work and vents strategically placed throughout the home.
  • Window Units: Though window units operate in the same way as their larger, more involved counterparts, they do so on a more compact level. Because of this smaller size and the lack of distribution components, they tend to be less effective and efficient than central systems. In many cases, more than one unit is needed to achieve true comfort.
  • Mini-Split Systems: You might say this option is a compromise between window units and central systems. Most often used in newly constructed home additions and homes built before the central system became a household name, these cool rooms effectively without duct work. Like window units, more than one mini-split may be required to cool an entire home.
  • Portable Units: Whether cooling a room without its own installed system or giving the AC in place a helping hand, portable units allow you to take the benefits of air conditioning with you. Newer models are both effective and efficient, and they offer a bit more freedom than a stationary system or unit.

Finding the right option for any given situation depends largely on the surrounding circumstances, but as alluded to earlier, most generate their fair share of noise. To learn more, peruse this source of excellent information on the types of air conditioning available and their individual advantages and disadvantages.



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