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What You Need to Know Before Signing a Rental Car Contract

It is very important that you know what is contained in the contract that you are signing before taking your rental car away. There are many things that could go wrong while the rental car is with you and if you understand the agreement well, you will know who is responsible if the rental car gets damaged, who will be responsible for the damage, how much you are going to get charged when you return the rental car, and what happens when the car gets scratched while it was with you. So don’t sign the contract before you have answers to these issues which are really important ones.

One of the things that rental car owners would make you decide before getting your rental car is whether you want to buy the rental agency’s car insurance policy. A lot of people say no by instinct without even thinking of what that entails. You better be sure who would be responsible if you rental car gets damaged while it is in your possession. And, if you have no insurance, then you would be responsible.

However, it does not mean that you need the rental car company’s insurance policy. Having your own insurance policy can spare you if they have coverage on rental cars. Full coverage on rental cars may be provided by your insurance company.

If you are paying with your credit card, then check with your credit card company. When you are using your credit card of rental car payments most rental companies automatically put rental car insurance on your rented cars using your card.

If you do not have insurance on either of these sources, then you need to consider buying it. You also have to keep in mind that you will not only pay for the damages to the rental car if you are in an accident but you also have to pay for the lost time on that car. IF the repair takes three days, then you need to pay additional three days rental since the rental car owner will not make money on that car during those days it is being repaired.

It is not only in an accident that you get a rental car damaged. There are also charges if you get the car scratched. Be sure to inspect the car thoroughly before driving it off the rental car lot. Make them put any damages of scratches that you may find in writing or have it noted on your contract.

Finally you return your rental car with a certain amount of cost in mind. Somehow when it is time to take up your final bill, you will get the surprise of your life for the additional fees and charges included in the total cost. You will have to pay taxes on your rental car.

Gas will also be charged. Some charge a flat rate for gas and have the car returned almost empty. Others will require you to return your car with full gas but will not charge you gas fees.

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